Neck pain can involve anything from waking up with a stiff neck to having pain radiating into your shoulder and arm. It can arise from an acute incident like whiplash, or be a chronic nagging pain from overuse or postural influences. With a thorough evaluation, we can clarify the origin of your pain and implement an appropriate plan, which may involve an array of treatment options. 

headaches and facial pain:

Image result for upper trap referral pattern

There are several kinds of headaches but the most common are Tension Type Headaches (TTH). They arise from knots in tight muscles; the "X's" in the red areas in the diagram to the left. These knots, or trigger points, may be caused by many things such as - an old injury, whiplash, clenching your jaw, or your work station ergonomics - but they are exacerbated by day to day stress.  

Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) is another common contributor to headaches. Due to underlying jaw mechanics, teeth grinding at night, or a trauma, the muscles surrounding your jaw can become tight and irritable and cause facial pain. 

Through various techniques including intraoral (within the mouth) massage, dry needling, workplace ergonomic assessments, and appropriate exercise, we can have a substantial effect on your headaches and facial pain.  

Thank you for placing your trust in us. We strive to offer the most current, effective, evidence-based interventions available.

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