Ankle Sprains:

We prefer to treat sprained ankles relatively quickly after injury to help facilitate your healing. Even with a chronically weak ankle, we can give you appropriate exercises to improve your proprioception (body awareness) and strength to avoid further complications. We will evaluate your biomechanics and determine the cause of various types of foot pain. We also have a foot specialist who can make recommendations on footwear and prescribe and fabricate orthotics if appropriate.


Knee Injuries and/or Knee Surgeries:

Knee pain is common and can be caused by many things including meniscus (cartilage) damage, muscle strains, arthritis, and ligament sprains. Non trauma-induced knee pain is often caused by biomechanical faults and is easily treated with appropriate physical therapy. Our therapists are familiar with all orthopedic surgeries including total knee replacements, or ACL reconstructions, and the appropriate protocols.

Shoulder pain:

Often it is difficult to distinguish between shoulder and neck pain, as the two areas are so interconnected. Often people have nerve pain that radiates into their upper extremities that stems from the neck. Non trauma-induced shoulder pain or shoulder blade pain may be secondary to posture or overuse and often can be treated successfully. Trauma-induced shoulder injuries may include rotator cuff strains, or labral (the ring of cartilage that surrounds the socket and stabilized the joint) damage and both respond well to conservative treatment. Dry Needling is an excellent modality to address neck and upper extremity pain.

Thank you for placing your trust in us. We strive to offer the most current, effective, evidence-based interventions available.

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