Sports and Orthopedic Injuries
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Persistent Pain
Surgical Rehabilitation
Back Pain
Injury Prevention Screens
Dry Needling
Foot Orthotics
Headaches and Neck Pain
Pelvic Floor
Injured Athlete Program

Depending on our findings, we will recommend a variety of treament options. We may perform hands-on manual therapy to facilitate correct joint movement, or dry needling to release trigger points and improve muscle function. The exercises we prescribe will always be specific to your case and implemented under our guidance. Certain modalities such as ultrasound to improve circulation, or electrical stimulation to decrease pain and muscle spasms, may help you. We may also suggest orthotics to correct structural issues in your lower extremities.

We offer you the most current, evidence-based, and appropriate interventions to optimize your full return to an active life. We look forward to caring for you.